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The Investment

EMPIRE BIG CAPITAL LTD investment’s vision is to rank among the best stock brokerages in the world with respect to European, Middle Eastern and Asian capital markets, stock trading, portfolio management and institutional financing, as well as the provision of relevant services and products to customers. Qualify is an indispensable factor for EMPIRE BIG CAPITAL LTD’s realization of this vision.

EMPIRE BIG CAPITAL LTD’s investment expertise and the quality of its services are achieved by ensuring that the interest of customers, teams and partners are aligned. The alignment of customer, team and partner interests is underscored by a bonus system through by which company profits are shared.




Secured Asset Management Programs - Private Placement Programs

EMPIRE BIG CAPITAL LTD offers you to the leading Private Placement Platforms in HONG KONG and SINGAPORE who are partnered with a Top 10 World Bank in Europe. The minimum investment permitted by European banking regulations is $100 Million. The PPP also offers a special $1Billion platform. These private placement platforms are secure and offer 50% to 90%+ per month yield returns on 10 months program (500% to 900%+ during 10 months program).

Regulations require that only individuals that are capable of $100 Million investments be considered. We ask that only individuals that meet this requirement inquire and review the material contained in this fields.